Those looking to buy a home in Mississauga – or anywhere else, for that matter – need to understand that while you are most likely to fall in love with a certain home at first sight, there are certain things that you just can’t take for granted. Keeping in mind that many of the things you may not like about a house occur on the interior and are things that you can fix if you want, we have outlined the three areas where you need to pay the most attention when buying a Mississauga home in order to ensure that you make a good investment.

General Appearance

First impressions do count for a lot in real estate, and for buyers this is the way it should be. Often what you see on the outside of a house for sale is a good reflection on what you can expect inside. If the flower beds are overgrown with weeds, the lawn is not kept up, fences are in poor condition and so on, it is pretty likely that the inside of the house and the various systems needed to keep it running and in good repair are all suffering as well. Of course, you have to consider the season as well; no house can be presented at its best in the winter or spring thaw in Mississauga! Even then, however, you will probably get a good idea of potential problems if you were to buy; street run off and so on.


While a bad exterior appearance is a sign of an unkempt house, you might not end up paying through the nose if you decide to buy. The roof is another matter entirely.

Most roofs need to be redone every 15 years or so, and a roof that hasn’t had a scheduled repair can be very bad news indeed for the whole house. Leaks are the main enemy here; water that is let into the house after rain or snowmelt may do serious damage to your internal structures. Watch out for roofs with lots of loose shingles; that’s your first sign that some maintenance needs to be done. Make sure to check for water damage in the attic before you buy!


Finally, and most importantly, make sure that the foundation of the house you are looking at is solid before you buy. The basement is usually where you can find out anything you need to know about the foundation; look out for cracks in cement, but be especially wary about cracks in the walls (drywall, and even studs). A shifting foundation or one that has not been laid properly is the worst nightmare for a new home owner; your whole house may be useless!

To find the perfect home, townhouse or condominium to meet your needs, have a chat with a Mississauga Canada real estate specialist.